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A Capitol View

A Capitol View
Images of 1861 juxtaposed- Union Square, New York vs. Capitol Square, Richmond

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

List of guns sent from the Norfolk navy yard . . .

Report of Captain Barron, Virginia navy, to the governor of Virginia, regarding naval defenses of the rivers of Virginia.

                     Richmond, June 10, 1861.

Enclosure B.
List of guns sent from the Norfolk navy yard to North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Georgia.

 Two 32-pounders of 42 cwt.          Ten 32-pounders of 46 cwt.
 Four 32-pounders of 27 cwt.          Ten S-inch guns of 63 cwt.
 Four 24-pounders of 31 cwt.          Twenty 32-pounder carronades 17 or 15 cwt.
 Twenty 32-pounders of 61 cwt.
 Ten 32-pounders oC 57 cwt.
 Total, 80 guns.

 Ten 32-pounders of 42 cwt.            Thirty-two 32-pounders of 61 cwt.
 Total, 42 guns. Ten 42-pounders of 70 cwt. were also sent from Richmond.

 Eight 8-inch guns of 63 cwt.             Eight 32-pounders of 33 cwt.
 One 9-inch gun of 9,000 pounds.     Four 32-pounders of 27 cwt.
 Total, 21 guns.

 Two 32-pounders of 27 cwt:

-Official records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion.; Series I - Volume 5: Operations on the Potamac and Rappahannock Rivers (December 7, 1861 - July 31, 1865); Atlantic Blockading Squadron (April 4, 1861 - July 15, 1861)

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