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A Capitol View

A Capitol View
Images of 1861 juxtaposed- Union Square, New York vs. Capitol Square, Richmond

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"A Terrible Explosion" Mobile May 1865

 Another account of the May, 1865 ordnance explosion in Mobile, Alabama, one of the "military accidents" that plagued the collapsing Confederacy . . .
           A Terrible Explosion.
          Special to the Macon Telegraph.

MOBILE, May 25 -A terrible and exceedingly disastrous
A gun powder explosion occurred in Mobile yesterday. A magazine which contained about thirty tons of powder, was blown up with fearful result. A number of persons who were fully half a mile distant from the spot when the disaster occurred were knocked down and injured by the concussion. The total loss in killed is estimated to have been one thousand, but the aggregate has not been definitely ascertained.The loss of property was very great, and embraced the principal business portion of the city. Seven steamboats were also burned. The cause of the terrible accident, and further particulars have not yet been developed.
- Edgefield Advertiser. (Edgefield, S.C.) June 06, 1865

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