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A Capitol View

A Capitol View
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

"Deeming this sufficient for present purposes"

                                                                    A CARD!

MY name appears in the list of desertions, from the 12th Louisiana regiment, published in the Memphis Appeal and Vicksburg Whig. Through the same medium I desire to inform my friends and the public that fhe charge is false and unjust in the extreme, and that protracted illness alone prevented my return in due time to the 12th regiment, as will be shown by the su joined decision of the court martial before which I have been arraigned- not as a deserter but for alleged violation of the 21st Article of War:

Camp near Granada, Miss., December 29th, 1862
 General Order No 6
Before a regimental court martial,which convened at camp, near Grenada, Mississippi pursuant to special order No. 57. and where Captain Thomas C. Standiford, company B, 12th Louisiana regiment, was president, was arraigned and tried Private W.J. Bowman company K 13th Louisiana regiment. Charge- Violation of the 21st Article of War. Plea- Not Guilty. Finding-Not Guilty. And the court martial does therefore declare the accused acquitted of the charge aforesaid.
The proceedings and findings in the foregoing case are approved.
By command.                                                      J. A. BOYD
Lieut.-Colonel Command'ng 12th La. Regm't.

                                J. W. STANDIFORD, Adjut. nt.
A true copy- signed

                J. W. STANDIFORD, 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant
12th Louisiana regiment.

So far from being as published, a deserter, my offense does not even reach the alleged violation of the aforesaid 21st Article of War "Any non-commissioned officer or soldier who shall, with out leave from his commanding officer, absent himself from his troops, company or detachment, shall, upon being convicted there of, be punished according to the nature of his offence, at the discretion of a court-martial."
Deeming this sufficient for present purposes, I subscribe myself, very respectfully.

                                                                                                W. J. BOWMAN,
                                                                Company K, 12th  Louisiana Regiment.

 -Memphis Daily Appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) January 01, 1863

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